Halloween review – Mr T’s take

Review: Halloween begins forty years after the events of the 1978 film of the same name, and we find that serial killer Michael Myers is in a psychiatric facility. Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis has turned herself into a Sarah Connor-esque figure preparing herself, in case Myers, also referred to as The Boogeyman, returns.

The film doesn’t bother with character building and instead focuses on exploiting the most repeated clichés commonly found in slasher films. From the illogical and crazy psychiatrist to the teenage damsel in distress, it’s got it all. In all fairness though, the first half isn’t that bad, and a sense of unease pervades throughout. The second half, after Myers eventually escapes, is where it all goes downhill. There’s no suspense at all and the body language or the mannerisms of Michael never really feels threatening, except for a few jump scares. Myers has his fingers blown off with a shotgun, is shot in the shoulders, knocked down by a car, but that doesn’t seem to affect him even the slightest.

Last I checked, he was just a guy, not Wolverine or Deadpool. I know, it’s supposed to be preposterous, but in this day and age, this kind of lazy writing and execution just cannot be excused. My rating is 2/5.

Who should watch this: If you like slasher films and can put up with an unoriginal script which has plenty of loopholes, you might enjoy this. But I do implore you to check out films like A Quiet Place, Happy Death Day, It Comes At Night, Hush, 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Ritual.

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