The Little Stranger review – Mr S’s take

Review: The Little Stranger is the classic Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde told in an intriguing, modern way. This movie is all about Faraday, who longs for love and acceptance without knowing how to achieve it, without realizing his inner demon who just wanted the materialistic pleasure of the Hundreds Hall, home to the Ayres family for more than two centuries.

Faraday says he sees something distorted in Caroline’s eyes. So she imagined it as some sort of monstrous or deformed version of Faraday. That’s how it manifested itself to her. So the question becomes, how does this thing in the house show itself to all the characters? So to Roddy, who was in a fireball of a plane crash, it shows itself as fire. To Mrs Ayres, it manifests itself as the lost girl, the daughter, Sukey, who is also the misdirect. But to Caroline, it’s the monstrous version of him, which is the closest to the truth.

And at the end, there is just Faraday as a young boy standing at the top floor looking down to have a glimpse of his inner demon. As someone who likes thrillers and mysteries, I cannot agree with IMDB’s rating of this one.

Rating: My rating is 3/5

Who should watch this: If you like psychological thrillers like Lizzie, A Dangerous Method, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, this movie will be easily your cup of tea.

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